Internet Censorship in China: How to Bypass the Great Firewall of China with a VPN

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Many countries around the world are suffering from internet censorship.

But the situation in China is very different!

Internet censorship in China is heavy and they follow strict regulations on online content.

Free interaction with the outside world is a barrier to internet users. And, this barrier is called ‘The Great Firewall’ (GFW).

The goal of the GFW is to make the attempts of users to find information just annoying enough to discourage them from doing so.

Instead, it is hoped that people will turn to the abundance of information (like TV shows, magazines, books, etc.) that is already available in their country.

It’s a challenge to find external information. So, Chinese netizens are forced back into a setting where well-known social control mechanisms are in use.

Here, we are listed top 30 websites, in which 16 were blocked in China. Have a look at it!

  • ​

You need to bypass the GFW in order to find and enjoy uncensored content. By successfully bypassing this Internet censorship, people are encouraged to experience new ways of thinking that bring us closer to the truth and justice.

Users should have free and unlimited access to the Internet, including sites like Facebook, Blogger, Google, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube without any restrictions.

Why a VPN to Bypass the Great Firewall of China

bypass the Great Firewall of China

You can tightly hold your internet freedom in China by getting over the Great Firewall with a free Android VPN App.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you access any content on the internet without any limitations. By switching to the server provided by a VPN, you can simply access any website freely!

Many people in the country are regular users of VPNs to bypass internet censorship.

To get around Chinese government restrictions safely and access a truly open and unrestricted internet free from censorship and surveillance, use a VPN, such as SPL VPN.

The process of bypassing regional blocks in China is thanking to the premium features of SPL VPN. To confirm that your geolocation will never affect how you use the Internet, just connect to one of over 1000 servers. 

Download SPL VPN right away to get around the Great Firewall.

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One of the most often used VPNs in China is SPL VPN, which is a preferred service provider for many due to its skillful circumvention of the Great Firewall.

The happy news!

It’s free and unlimited all over the world. We offer a no-log policy and require no signup. So, your data will not be stored or recorded.

SPL VPN’s extensive network of server locations is a huge asset for everyone.

It’s a boon to the citizens, as they are severely suffering from this internet censorship in China.

Know more about SPL VPN, the best all-round VPN for China.

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The SPL provides an amazing performance with full support from the team. We actively check to see if the network is accessible from China and make sure that its software evades attempts to restrict connections by censors.

To give users in China the best experience possible, SPL VPN combines obfuscation algorithms and cutting-edge technologies.

The skill of SPL to bypass all the geo-restrictions that would typically prevent you from browsing your favorite sites, making VoIP calls, etc in China is promised.

How to Bypass the Firewall with SPL VPN

GFW (The Great Firewall) in China is completely a massive filtering system. This villain censors your favorite sites on the internet, including social media platforms.

So, a VPN is essential!

Circumvent the Great Firewall of China with SPL VPN.

See how it is!

  1. Search for SPL VPN in the Google Playstore
  2. Click on the ‘Install’ button
  3. Open the app
  4. One tap to connect to the server location you desire
Bypass the great firewall of China with SPL VPN

Take a Chinese Firewall Test Here!

You may have doubts about whether a site is restricted by the Great Firewall of China. Have a Chinese Firewall Test to get the answer to your doubt!

This test determines whether access to the provided site is possible from behind the Great Firewall of China by checking a number of servers from various locations throughout mainland China.

It also looks for signs of DNS poisoning, one of the more prevalent ways the Chinese government restricts website access.

Most of the websites people tested are:











It shows that the active internet users in China are mostly looking for these mentioned sites.

The idea of using a VPN emerged in the hearts of Chinese people as the denial of these useful and popular sites in the digital world.

We are pleased to announce that SPL VPN has won many hearts in China for life by providing premium features for free, in contrast to many paid VPNs on the market.

Blocked Websites and Apps in China 2022

The authorities compelled social media platforms as propaganda tools.

There is also corporate self-censorship. Many apps were banned because they couldn’t give the Chinese government access to user data.

In February 2021, the Clubhouse app was stopped as 1000+ people in the country used the app to start a talk on Xinjiang detention camps.

Blocked Productivity Tools

  • Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Calendar, Maps, etc.)
  • Google Play (i.e. no downloading Android apps)
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Hootsuite
  • Slack

Blocked Social Sites

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • AO3
  • Quora

Blocked Streaming Sites

  • Soundcloud
  • DailyMotion
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • Periscope
  • Spotify
  • Pandora

Blocked Search Engines

  • DuckDuckGo
  • Google (text and voice)
  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon (Alexa)

Blocked News Media Sites

  • TIME
  • BBC
  • The New York Times
  • Reuters
  • Wall Street Journal
  • CNN
  • Financial Times

Blocked Messaging Apps

  • WhatsApp
  • KaKao Talk (Korean)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • Signal

Blocked VoIP Calling Services

  • Viber
  • Skype (It sometimes works, but it’s not reliable)
  • Google Hangouts

Blocked Blogging Sites

  • Medium
  • Blogspot

Why Do You Need SPL VPN in China?

You deserve high security in China like that of any other country. Why should we compromise our rights and freedoms in digital life?

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The Miracles of the Internet Industry in China

According to China’s recently released 13th Five-Year Plan, great innovation has been underscored as one of the pivotal pillars for economic growth.

Additionally, the State Council has established 2025 as the goal year for the plan of “Internet Plus” to become the main engine for the development of China’s innovations.

We have seen crucial strides in China’s innovation sector, especially in the internet sector, in recent years.

Over $500 billion in payments were made with mobile payment services in China in just a half year. Almost 85% of them are accomplished through WeChat and Alipay. Google Wallet is in high trouble in the US trying to gain users.

According to InfoScout, only 13% of iPhone users utilized Apple Pay in March. Actually, you can notice a steadily declining percentage.

The Move of the Government to Clean Up Internet Content

The Chinese government wanted to promote a super healthy culture online in order to protect the internet from violent imagery and obscenity.

As they’re striving to remove inappropriate content from the internet, the citizens are suffering from injustice.

The Cyberspace Administration of China, the national cyberspace watchdog, issued a directive requiring the removal of all violent and other inappropriate content and the closure of all accounts that had uploaded it to the online news aggregator Toutiao and Kuaishou, a website that shares videos lasting about 60 seconds.

It sounds like unjustified censorship!

The Chinese government removed about three lakh videos by live streaming youngsters.

They also terminated about 5,000 live streaming accounts of people below 18 years of age.

The action was aimed at stopping operational vulnerabilities in some internet affairs, which have come under fire for dragging viewers without morals or standards.

Kuaishou and Huoshan, a short-video application affiliated with Toutiao, have recently come under heavy fire for letting children disseminate very “harmful” content online.

Video clips of young mothers and pregnant teenagers (typically unmarried and between the ages of 13 and 18) appeared on the websites, explained their pregnancies, and were forwarded to other websites in an effort to get followers.

For females, the legal age to marry in China is 20. But, engaging in sexual intercourse with someone who is 14 years old or younger is considered rape, and the incidents were also reported. Being a single mother is against conventional beliefs.

Senior executives from both businesses were guaranteed to shut down all live streaming accounts run by minors.

It was applied within five days.

Tightened content regulations.

Changed the parameters used to measure which information should be allowed to users.

According to the China Internet Network Information Center, the government has noticed a growing audience, including live streaming viewers.

How Does China Censor Content?

👉🏻The Great Firewall

👉🏻Bandwidth Throttling

👉🏻URL Analysis & Filtering

👉🏻State-controlled Media

👉🏻Deep Packet Inspection

👉🏻Blocking VPNs

👉🏻DNS Spoofing

👉🏻Internet Police Forces

The Great Firewall and state-run media are widely used to implement censorship. Clear guidelines are there regarding what they can and cannot do. If anyone refuses to do so, they will be severely punished.

Each year, more content is removed from websites in China. The Chinese government has developed sophisticated surveillance technology to confirm that restricted content doesn’t elude detection.

    1) The Great Firewall

    The highly advanced Great Firewall is a tool and a boon to the Chinese government in controlling its people’s online freedom.

    2) Bandwidth Throttling

    Because of the Great Firewall, internet speeds in China are slower than in the rest of the world.

    Low connection speeds are unavoidable as every bit of internet traffic passes through numerous filters and points.

    Deliberately slowing down your connection speed is also censorship.

    That’s called bandwidth throttling!

    The Chinese government has shut down the entire communications network numerous times.

    In 2009, after the ethnic unrest in Xinjiang, the government blocked internet access for ten months. It was in an effort to safeguard national security.

    3) URL Analysis and Filtering

    One of the major censorship methods is filtering URLs and webpage content for target keywords.

    Users won’t be able to access the website if any keywords are blacklisted.

    4) State-controlled Media

    Do you know?

    The media, radio, film, and television sectors have long been under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party.

    The Central Propaganda Department, the Cyberspace Administration of China, and the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission are only a few of the organizations included in the regulation.

    Governmental organizations are periodically issuing “clean-up” orders to remove illegal content that raises threats to national security from the digital world.

    Baidu is China’s top search engine. In just 2020, it removed nearly 51.6 billion items.

    The Radio and Television Act was amended in 2021 in order to cover the maximum number of online video platforms.

    Endangering security, slandering Chinese culture, or failing to assist Chinese youth in establishing the correct worldview are all grounds for strict content bans.

    A threat to national security from the internet is not encouraged.

    5) Deep Packet Inspection

    It’s a data processing technique that looks for incoming and outgoing data for sensitive or China-censored information.

    It goes beyond routine inspection.

    It also looks at a wide range of metadata that violates people’s online privacy and freedom.

    6) Blocking VPNs

    As was previously stated, any attempt to circumvent the Great Firewall is unsuccessful.

    China hardly fights against circumvention tools, including VPNs, to stop people from getting content.

    Private networks are in use for a list of purposes in China.

    Universities or governmental organizations in China frequently employ a VPN system to secure their internal network. These VPNs must abide by stringent rules and are registered.

    Unregistered VPNs are prohibited in the country.

    SPL VPN is a registered and reliable VPN service; you can use it with confidence! No data leaks, no bandwidth throttling, no charges, and no limits to the service. Just one click to connect to the server location you desire.

    Simply, access everything on the internet with SPL.

    7) DNS Spoofing

    DNS, the Domain Name System, will receive your request to access a website. At this point, it connects you to the IP address of the website you’re looking for.

    It’s possible to modify the DNS response. We can call it “DNS Spoofing”. The Chinese government engages in this practice.

    The Firewall will reply with a faked DNS reply if your request has a forbidden keyword.

    Then the website won’t be accessible to you!

    8) Internet Police Forces

    As part of this internet police force, the country enlisted 50,000+ people.

    Their duty is to find and block IP addresses and URLs manually!

    People who love their privacy hate the Great Firewall because it’s an extremely sophisticated censoring tool, used to restrict content access and monitor your online activities.

    Every platform, website, and word deemed to pose a threat to the state is blocked in China.

    Anyone who tries to criticize the government or disseminates content that the state deems threatening may be subject to legal action.

    For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the censorship in China has been harsher.

    Online discussion of the pandemic and criticism of the government on the topic were prohibited, and journalists who ventured to report critically faced persecution.

    Over 2,100 keywords on WeChat, a well-known Chinese social media platform, were prohibited between January and May 2020 by Citizen Lab.

    It is just one illustration of how the Great Firewall functions!

Bypass the State of Media Freedom with a VPN

The worst situation in China is also pointing the finger at foreign media and having no freedom for journalists.

But the one and only effective way to bypass this situation is by using a reliable VPN like SPL! Its premium features make your experience a different one!

Every year, the Chinese authorities tighten their censorship.

Both online and offline!

Online freedom can be had with the right choice of VPN.

It covers your IP address in China and provides another one. The monitoring sectors are not able to find out your online identity.

So, it’s very safe to use a VPN to safeguard your privacy and get access to any content online.

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are guaranteed by the 1982 constitution.

But, it’s just an inexperienced offer to the Chinese people.

All media must submit to the wishes of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Xi said that all the work of the party’s media must reflect the party’s will, preserve the party’s authority, and safeguard the party’s unity.

It was formally proclaimed in February 2016.

The independent press is severely constrained and subjected to the worst censorship laws.

To confirm that media outlets in China are responsible for the demands of the party, a number of government institutions have been established.

The CCP’s publicity department provides standards for how specific topics should be covered.

The Central Propaganda Department always monitors the country’s telecommunications industry to guarantee that all media outlets remain in line with the rules.

Let’s have a look at the two worst situations in China:

1) Freedom denied for journalists

2) Foreign media in China

Freedom Denied to Journalists

Due to severe censorship practices, a group of journalists in China are experiencing no freedom at all.

Reporters are imprisoned or incarcerated on arbitrary charges like separatism and subversion.

Since the government harshly retaliated against people who criticized how the authorities handled the COVID-19 outbreak, these situations have gotten worse! At that time, 47 journalists were imprisoned.

People who share their opinions online are also sent to jail. Criticizing politics or the Chinese Communist Party, in general, is dangerous.

So, what’s the existence of a journalist?

The authorities noticed a sudden rise in smartphone use.

So, free communication has grown much riskier in recent years.

More people have been arrested and detained because the authorities explored the sophisticated surveillance tech to gain direct access to people’s personal details.

Minority religious and ethnic groups in China are susceptible to unfair punishments.

Here, politicians and human rights activists struggle to establish a noticeable change.

Foreign Media in China

China restricted the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the BBC. These are just a few of the several international news organizations that are restricted.

Independent Chinese-language websites from Hong Kong and Taiwan are also restricted.

International journalists frequently face harsh experiences like harassment, surveillance, and restrictions imposed by the CCP in China.

All correspondents should seek permission before reporting from China. Reporting openly on delicate subjects of political and economic concern is impossible!

Chinese leaders believe that foreign media is biased against China, according to 2016 PEN America research on the ban placed on foreign media in China.

Journalists in the country are instructed to give “balanced coverage” of current events, yet both Chinese citizens and government officials are hesitant to act as sources due to the fear in mind about retaliation.

We have seen self-censorship because it is challenging for international journalists to work in the environment of Chinese media.

International outlets are hesitant to publish stories in their Chinese-language publications.

The Great Firewall’s instructed restrictions make free, open communication impossible!

Effects of GFW & Solutions from a Free VPN in China

Freedom House reported China as the world’s worst abuser of internet freedom.

Do you know?

The websites and social media sites that are restricted are growing in number.

The majority of foreign domains are permanently barred.

This has a noticeable impact on the information accessibility of Chinese citizens.

Google and Yahoo are also included in the list of prohibited international search engines. Google Translate, Google Scholar, and Google Maps are among the Google services that are banned.

The discussion board Reddit and all Wikipedia entries submitted in foreign languages are also blacklisted.

Having a powerful VPN is a boon to the people in China. You can bypass the worst effects of GFW by installing a good VPN.

SPL VPN provides the best experience with full access to everything. Install the app and do a one-tap to connect to the server location where the contents are not blocked.

You’re China! But you’ve got SPL VPN!


You’ve got full access to anything that is blocked in China.

One of the worst situations is when you’re not able to find any sensitive content that casts a negative opinion on Chinese authorities.

An attempt to give people more access to the internet is shutting down!

Kuniao, a web browser developed in China in 2019, faced harsh censorship. Days after its release, the browser was removed.

In the same vein, Tuber, the Android app, was made available in October 2021. Users explored the freedom to open banned websites with this app, but it required a real-name registration.

It was shut down shortly after its release, just like Kuniao.

Choose SPL VPN or any other reliable VPN on the market to safeguard your online identity, data, and history.

What Is NOT Blocked in China in 2022?

In the case of censorship in China, there is a lot of misunderstanding and false information is on fire!

What applications and websites are accessible in China?

Here is a quick list of the websites and apps that are not restricted in China:

1) Netflix

2) Hulu

3) Disney+

4) Banking sites

5) iMessage

6) FaceTime

China does not censor streaming sites like Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix.

The websites are accessible!

But have you seen this?

“Sorry, our service hasn’t come to this country yet.” or “The site can’t be reached.”

It’s just that the content isn’t legally allowed in China.

This practice is called “geo-blocking contents.”

Actually, Netflix is not blocked in China. Still, you cannot see any library content! Choose a VPN to enjoy complete access.

That is the VPN in action!

There’s freedom in online banking in China.

You don’t have to be concerned about being unable to access your bank account online.

The western bank websites have not yet been blocked in China.

Apple has a shaky relationship with China. Still, they managed to keep the iMessage platform available for all iPhone users.

Sometimes, it is a safer option than WeChat.

But nobody can say for sure!

Will Your VPN Always Work in China?

For a variety of reasons, including doing research, the use of foreign social media, and following global trends, people in China circumvent the Great Firewall.

While Instagram is a major source of creative inspiration for Chinese club kids, unrestricted internet access is essential for academics in the country.

The Chinese government is fully aware of the widespread usage of VPNs.

During a lecture in 2016, Fang Binxing, the creator of the GFC, used one in a very ludicrous circumstance!

You know what?

China has sort of accepted VPN use!

But it’s changing!!!

Since President Xi took office, the government has cracked down on VPNs.

As a result, many providers have been less dependable, slower, and tougher to use over time.

In 2017, Apple removed VPNs from its Chinese app stores.

This implies that, despite the appreciated efforts of a VPN, what works successfully today might not work tomorrow!

So, it’s very essential to be updated about the various methods for getting through the Great Firewall in China.

What All Works Differently from a VPN?

1) Tor browsers

2) Decentralised VPNs that employ blockchain technology

3) ShadowSocks (open-source proxy)

All have potential!

But, having a reliable VPN is highly recommended! There is no better option than a VPN to circumvent internet censorship and the Great Firewall of China.

Choose SPL VPN to stay anonymous and protect your online identity amid the tight censorship rules in China.

Guaranteed use of VPN is safe in the hands of SPL VPN.

Get free and unrestricted access to any of the content you love!

3 Ways to Bypass the Great Firewall

More and more web services are prohibited in China every day.

Are you someone who suffers from it?

Then, you can use one of the methods mentioned below to enjoy easy access to all internet resources.

Whether you are a resident of China or just planning a trip there, have a look at these points.

1) Browser with Built-in VPN

Using a browser with a built-in VPN (like Opera) is the most direct attempt to get through the Great Firewall in China.

Your IP address is replaced with a virtual IP address.

Do you know how to set up the browser Opera on your Mac?

Find it here!

If you currently use Opera but haven’t used the option of VPN, skip to the 6th step.

1) Open the official Opera page

2) Click the ‘Download Now’ button

3) Open the downloaded zip file

4) Install the Opera browser

5) Launch the Opera browser

6) In the menu bar, click on ‘Opera’

7) Select ‘Preferences’

8) Switch to the Privacy & Security section

9) Scroll to the VPN section

10) Enable the VPN option

A VPN indicator will now be visible at the start of the search bar!

Did you see it?

You can choose between Asia, America, and Europe with just one click.

You can connect to American and European VPN servers, but you cannot choose a specific nation.

Change your IP address to get around the Great Firewall.

You can simply access Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and other web services banned in China when you hide and change your real IP address.

2) VPN App

A VPN connects you to the network with the help of VPN servers.

Your real IP address will be replaced with a new one that the VPN server will provide.

Users find it simple!

Most people in China are using VPN apps to bypass the Great Firewall.

SPL VPN is a top-recommended VPN in China with free and unlimited service. It’s a highly reliable and user-friendly app!

SPL hides your IP address and provides another one. You can easily unblock the sites because the Great Firewall won’t be able to pinpoint your location.

Your data is encrypted using SPL VPN, rendering any communication between you and the online services inaccessible to outsiders, including hackers and trackers.

When the VPN is enabled, the packet filtering, URL, and DNS are not applicable.

When you activate SPL VPN, you can use all online desktop services, including online banking, Skype, email client, and more, in addition to surfing the net.

You can access services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Dropbox, and others in China with the activation of a VPN.

3) Web Proxy

URL filtering is the next method for getting over China’s Great Firewall.

A web proxy helps to solve this issue.

It is a website with an integrated address bar.

Just three steps!

1) Open the web proxy in your browser

2) Type the URL of the blocked web service into the bar

3) Click the ‘Surf’ button

Any blocked website will be unblocked by the proxy server.

The content will appear in your browser window, but the proxy website address will be displayed there instead of your real URL address.

Any sign that you have gone through the unblocked website is concealed by the proxy.

In China, YouTube, The New York Times, Google, and other online resources can be easily accessed through a web proxy.

But it will not support all websites.

It supports only 2 UK and 2 USA IP addresses.

Undoubtedly, we can suggest that downloading a good VPN is the most effective way to bypass internet censorship in China.

If you are traveling to China, install a VPN app in advance, because it might be difficult to install such apps in the Chinese App Store, and it might be against Chinese law.

The web proxy and free browser with a built-in VPN are sufficient for basic tasks like watching short videos, messaging, googling, and other easy operations.

Moreover, a large number of customers use a limited number of servers to get these services.

So, bandwidth may shrink and the quality might drop.

But a VPN app is always preferable to get around these barriers.

VPNs offer a secure, reliable, stable, and fast internet connection, especially gift benefits for tourists and business people who want to access the Internet in China.

You can freely enjoy any online service like streaming, torrenting, gaming, sharing information, etc. in full security.

ServiceBrowser with VPNWeb ProxyVPN Application
Ease of SetupFriendlyNot requiredVery Friendly
EncryptionPoorPoorMostly high
StabilityPoorPoorMostly high
Connection SpeedQuite goodQuite goodHigh
Number of IP addressesLimited number of IP addressesLimited number of IP addressesDepends on the VPN service company. More than 50 VPN servers worldwide may be provided (SPL has 1000+ servers)
Additional FeaturesNoNoServer auto-detection, proxy server, no-log policy and no signup, WhatsApp support

Final Thoughts

China is running fast to be one of the most repressive nations in the world in the case of internet freedom.

Those who raise their voice to criticize the views of the government on sensitive subjects in China will face punishment.

The Great Firewall, a component of the Golden Shield Project that severely limits online content, is a powerful system at the core of internet censorship in China.

The number of websites, social media sites, and applications being blocked is increasing every year.

Using a VPN is the best method of getting around it.

Unauthorized VPNs are prohibited, but users are not punished for using one in the country.

It’s crucial that you install a reliable VPN before visiting China and connect to a server that has been encrypted.

It should go without saying…

Never engage in any illicit activity using a VPN connection!

A VPN like SPL VPN is your best option if you wish to be able to access blocked content that would otherwise be inaccessible.


 👉🏻How difficult is it for the average Chinese citizen to bypass the Great Firewall of China?

Many average Chinese citizens are not even aware of the Great Firewall. They don’t know and don’t care! But some people are aware of it, but not aware of the right way to bypass censorship. If they get the idea of the benefits of bypassing the Great Firewall, then let them install a powerful and reliable VPN on the device.

A VPN helps to hide your real IP address and provide another one. So, the server you connect to helps you unblock the sites you want to visit. It’s safe and secure! Choose SPL VPN to get a reliable, free, and unlimited service with 1000+ servers around the world.

👉🏻How do you treat China’s network firewall?

The people in China are severely suffering from the bad effects of the Great Firewall. They are blocked from the most popular apps, sites, and other online services due to this Firewall. So, having a VPN on your device is highly recommended. Install SPL VPN to bypass these worst restrictions and enjoy access to everything in the digital world with one click!

👉🏻How can I bypass the Great Firewall of China in 2022?

A VPN is the best way to bypass the Great Firewall of China in 2022. SPL VPN is one of the best and most reliable VPN providers in China with free and unlimited service.

Install SPL VPN from the Google Play Store. Open the app. Click on the center button to connect to the server location where the sites are not blocked.

👉🏻What’s the best way to bypass the Chinese firewall?

Using a VPN is the best way to bypass the Chinese firewall. You can choose SPL VPN to securely bypass internet censorship in China. It offers 1000+ servers around the globe with free and unlimited service. One tap to connect to the server location where the sites are not blocked.

👉🏻What is blocked by the Great Firewall of China?

A list of productivity tools, social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, streaming sites, search engines, news media, messaging apps, blogging platforms, VoIP calling, and other sites are blocked in China.

Only a VPN can securely unblock these services in China. Select SPL VPN to unblock in seconds. It offers 1000+ servers around the world with free and unlimited service. SPL promises military-grade encryption and implements the WireGuard protocol to secure your internet browsing.

👉🏻How do I bypass the Chinese firewall?

The best way to bypass the Chinese firewall is to install a reliable VPN. You can install SPL VPN, one of the best and most emerging VPNs in China with 1000+ server options. Just one tap is enough to connect to the server location where the sites are not blocked.

👉🏻How can I access blocked websites in China?

You can access any blocked websites in China with the activation of a VPN in the background. Choose SPL VPN as it offers a no-log policy and no signup. It offers free and unlimited service with 1000+ servers around the world. The military-grade encryption provided by SPL makes you safe and secure online. Try this user-friendly app to get connected in seconds.

👉🏻Is it illegal to use a VPN in China?

No. You can legally use a VPN in China to bypass internet censorship. But, if you make any technical attempts against the Great Firewall without any official permission, then it’ll be illegal.

You can use SPL VPN to bypass the Great Firewall in China. It’s safe to use! SPL provides military-grade encryption and offers 1000+ servers around the globe. Get free and unlimited service of SPL VPN now!

👉🏻Is Netflix banned in China?

Netflix is not banned in China. But, you cannot see any content library to view! Choose a VPN to enjoy complete access to Netflix. SPL VPN has 1000+ servers around the world. So, you can connect to the server location where the content is not blocked.

👉🏻Is Google banned in China?

Yes. Google is banned in China. But you can access it with a VPN. Choose SPL VPN, one of the best and most emerging VPNs in China. It offers unlimited access and free service with 1000+ servers around the world. Get free access to Google with SPL!

👉🏻Is WhatsApp banned in China?

Yes. WhatsApp is banned in China. The app was disabled by Facebook as the company refused to accept the request of the Chinese government for the authorization to censor and moderate messages. The Chinese government is trying hard to limit the amount of information its people are exposed to. So, you can choose a VPN to use WhatsApp without any limitations in China.

Install SPL VPN to get the best experience. It offers 1000+ servers and free and unlimited service. A single tap to connect to the server location where WhatsApp is not blocked. It’s easy and safe!

👉🏻Is YouTube banned in China?

Yes. YouTube is banned in China. So, you can select a VPN to use this popular app in China without any restrictions.

Get SPL VPN installed for the best results. It provides free and limitless service and more than 1000 servers. To connect to the server location where YouTube is not banned, just one tap is required.

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