Choosing  the wrong VPN  can cause  risks and issues.

Top 8 VPN Security Risks & Issues

1. Logging         Policies

Usage logs are highly dangerous once they grab your data about your surfing activities while using a VPN

2. Data Leak

Using a VPN to hide your traffic and IP address for security and privacy. But all of these may leaked through the unsecured VPN tunnel.

3.Shady Privacy Policies

Some VPN providers have set their privacy policies behind the dirty policy of covering your eyes with digital tricks. 

4. Poorly-Configured Encryption

VPN providers may make serious mistakes while configuring the encryption using VPNs

Not choosing a trusted VPN provider, risks like malware can get into your device.

5. Malware Infection

Being Forced to Use PPTP


7  Providers Using IP Address as an Exit Node

 No Extra Security Feature