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The goal is to give you what’s best from our side to bring a safe digital life to your fingertips than you have today! We aim to erase the digital barriers, censorship, surveillance, and online threats within a few years.


We’re inspired to stand for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Dedicated to changing censorship into a matter of the past, as we have the right to enjoy the network. SPL VPN is working to beat the interruptions of the global internet.

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A team of experts is working for the most reliable and reputable virtual private network, and that is absolutely unlimited and free! When you choose SPL VPN, you are also ensuring complete security for your privacy with high-quality service.

It’s our promise to serve you with professionalism. With the voyage of technology, it is our prime goal to bring innovation through VPN. That way, you get the best network experience as well! Many people around the world are now enjoying premium VPN features free of charge.

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Have you ever felt insecure over connection or privacy issues while using public Wi-Fi? Of course, your answer will be ‘yes’! Those who don’t may have thought about the pitfalls of it yet!

If you have an SPL VPN on your smartphone, you may now forget that insecurity! As the VPN market is growing nowadays, it is important to wisely choose a VPN service with a good reputation. So, it’s our promise to serve you with 100% security.

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SPL VPN is the best choice among other VPN providers around the globe! Its secure connection enables browsing the internet without any risk of data leakage. All your privacy issues will be solved by SPL with a simple one-click connect.

We are also defeated by many top premium VPNs with outstanding features.

Data Protection – Anywhere at Any Time

SPL protects your data and privacy by creating a secure VPN tunnel between your device and a trusted endpoint, providing you with privacy at all times.

So, a simple one-click connection is enough for a secured internet world. Our innovative and exciting internet service lets users access the internet anywhere at any time as long as there is a mobile network.

Its revolutionary platform enables you to experience the difference in innovative features.

SPL’s Superspeed Internet 

SPL VPN protects your privacy by hiding your IP address while surfing the web.

It can securely unblock public Wi-Fi, Firewall, websites, or any Apps within seconds. It allows you to bypass geographical restrictions while accessing any content from anywhere in the world.

With unlimited bandwidth and speed, SPL VPN provides you with high-speed internet. So, you can enjoy video streaming with the help of thousands of servers worldwide.

Available for Android 10, Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow, Pie, & Oreo.