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How to Get SPL VPN, on Your Android Devices?

Download the best Belarus VPN from the Google Playstore

Download SPL VPN on your Android device from Google Play Store.

Quickly connect to the server using the best free Belarus VPN


One-click connect to the server of an unrestricted area

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Why use VPN for Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is in the grip of political and economic turmoil brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and aggravated by mismanagement by the current government. The country’s internet got subjected to restrictions, including the nationwide blocking of major social media sites in April 2022.

  • Restrictions got imposed by the Sri Lankan government’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. The country blocked many several social media and instant messaging services.
  • Sri Lanka received a Freedom of the Net 2022 ranking of 55/100, classifying the country as ‘Partly Free’ to other countries.
Why use a free VPN for Sri Lanka?
Unblock Websites with the best Sri Lanka VPN

Unblock Websites in Sri Lanka

Are you facing difficulty accessing websites in Sri Lanka? Connect to SPL VPN – the best free VPN for Sri Lanka and its 1000+ servers to unblock these websites with a single – click! Gain access to blocked content in Sri Lanka, and browse the internet with no restrictions!

Unblock Social Media in Sri Lanka

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube are popular sources for news and conversation, as well as essential marketing and social tools. During political and economic instability, the country has a history of censoring certain websites. With SPL VPN, you can be confident that your favorite apps will remain unblocked for you – just as they should!

Unblock social media using SPL VPN
Access public Wi-Fi using SPL VPN

Use Public Wi-Fi – Safe and Secure!

When using SPL VPN, your internet traffic is encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to intercept it over public Wi-Fi. Even when not on a secure Wi-Fi connection, safeguard your connection everywhere with SPL VPN.

Unblock Instant Messaging in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a history of blocking instant messaging services like WhatsApp & Viber during nationwide protests and unrest. SPL VPN, the best VPN for Sri Lanka, allows you to unblock and use these services without any limit, 100% free of charge!

Unblock Instant Messaging in Sri Lanka.
Torrent using SPL VPN

Torrent all you want – without worry!

Using a VPN is vital for staying safe while torrenting. You could be sharing unprotected if you’re getting started or an infrequent user.

Torrenting exposes you to unknown content from anonymous sources, in addition to being banned in Sri Lanka. Utilizing a torrenting VPN such as SPL VPN is the way to go. Unintentionally downloading pirated material isn’t the only risk – when you connect to a P2P network, your online activity becomes public knowledge, and anyone with access to it can see it. With SPL VPN – a P2P-friendly VPN, you stay safe while sharing!

Get the Truly Unlimited Free VPN for Sri Lanka

Browse the internet anonymously on your Android Phone. Privatize your online activities & location whether you are at work, airport, café lounge using shared public Wi-Fi.

Available for Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie & Android 10.




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SPL VPN is a lifesaver. I’ve been traveling since the pandemic and using SPL VPN to video call my family back home. Unlimited service for zero cost = What more can you ask for?


I love SPL VPN. I get to access all my favorite apps without worrying about privacy and with excellent quality.


A friend suggested SPL VPN to me. Now, I’m the one recommending the app to people. Thanks for the excellent service!

For several reasons, SPL VPN is the finest VPN for a Sri Lankan, including its dependability, quick speeds, and solid security. It provides 1,000+ high-speed servers located all over the world.

  • Install SPL VPN app for Android – for free.
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SPL VPN bases service on performance in three major categories: speed, security, and affordability. SPL is free, faster than premium VPN services because of our no-log policy, and the most secure thus far.

According to a recent study, many VPNs for Android have privacy and security issues, increasing the difficulty of selecting a reliable VPN. SPL VPN allows you to surf and unblock all of your favorite material while maintaining your online privacy and security.

VPN service is used by 31% of internet users globally. We highly recommend that you use one to be safe online. You can also access prohibited apps and websites, which is a bonus, on top of offering you top-notch privacy and security!

Online banking might be dangerous, but you can protect yourself using SPL VPN. SPL VPN essentially protects your Android device and banking apps from hackers — and allows you to access your Sri Lankan bank accounts from anywhere in the world.

In order to use a VPN at home or anywhere else, you must have an active internet connection. It is no different whether you utilize Wi-Fi, cellular data, or Ethernet. You must get connected to the internet in some capacity!

It is impossible to monitor you since it redirects your internet traffic to mask your IP address. Encrypting the information you send across the internet prevents anyone who wants to intercept it from reading it, essentially preventing hackers from taking advantage of you on the internet.

SPL VPN cannot access your passwords or anything else you type on your Android device. Compared to the competitors, our rigorous no-log policy takes your privacy even further by not logging any of your activity when using SPL VPN.

SPL VPN provides the highest online protection, so leaving it on at all times will protect you from data leaks and cyberattacks while using public Wi-Fi; and intrusive snoopers like ISPs or advertisers.

If you live or visit Sri Lanka and want to unblock Facebook, WhatsApp, or Viber, your best chance is to utilize SPL VPN, which is free and offers unlimited access!

Only a few VPNs provide a 100% free solution, with SPL VPN being the finest free Android VPN for your devices. Most VPN providers offer time-limited trials or money-back guarantees. SPL VPN, on the contrary, provides you with unlimited use, absolutely free!

There is no need to be concerned about utilizing SPL VPN with WhatsApp. SPL VPN uses encryption to give an extra safe tunnel for your internet traffic, essentially blocking snoops from accessing it.

There is no change in power consumption when running SPL VPN alongside other apps for your battery. Its usage is normal, just like that of any other software on your Android device.


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