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Frequently Asked Questions

SPL VPN or Secure Proxy Lite VPN app is a secure lightweight unlimited free Android VPN app that encrypts and reroutes your online data traffic through a secure server, in just one click.

When SPL VPN is turned on, your entire incoming & outgoing data traffic is end-to-end encrypted and gets routed through our secure servers.

When a network provider, network owner, or even hacker tries to get your browsing activity, they will only see junk data and can’t get any details of what you’re doing.

This also enables you to hide your IP address in order to stop anyone online from seeing your physical location.

Yes. 100% Free! With SPL VPN you get Unlimited Free VPN access.

We incorporate the best-in-class security features to ensure zero risk for our users.

We follow a strict no-log policy to safeguard our users. No data is collected – never required to even sign-up!

When connected using SPL VPN, you can freely access any blocked websites, apps, or games using our secure VPN servers.

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SPL VPN gives you complete online freedom. Bypass any geo-restrictions, firewall blocks, or security restrictions. Follow these steps to unblock Websites, WhatsApp, or any other apps using SPL VPN.

Access any internet content from anywhere in the world!

It is completely legal to use VPN in any country as long as you are following digital laws without compromising any sensitive data or committing any malicious crimes, or causing any harm to anyone else, then you will not be viewed unfavorably.

The purpose of using VPN is different, people are using it to hide their identity, for privacy and information security reasons.  If that is the only reason then there is no need to hide anything from anyone and the usage of VPN will not create any problems for you.

Yes, SPL VPN is perfect for both voice and video calling. With thousands of servers all over the world, SPL VPN is perfect for uninterrupted VOIP services in the GCC countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

It can detect your location automatically, and connect you to the nearest and fastest server so you’ll never be slowed down or unable to communicate in a timely manner.

SPL VPN doesn’t collect any user data. Even a signup is not required to start using the app.

We only check your IP address to identify your country & location to connect you to the best and nearest servers.

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