VPN for Cryptotrading

If you’re in the crypto realm, utilizing a VPN makes sense; SPL VPN – the best free VPN for crypto trading, assures you have lightning-fast access to any crypto exchange!

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed. Everyone is familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. They have transformed money. However, there are many risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. The hazards are endless, ranging from security issues on cryptocurrency trading platforms to severe hack attacks. Making secure crypto transactions is becoming increasingly challenging, especially if you aren’t using a VPN.

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges collect a large amount of your personal information, which might be stolen (or sold) and used against you. A decent VPN encrypts all your data, protecting it from being exploited, which allows you to trade without worrying about someone stealing your crypto assets or Private data.

It’s also worth noting that Cryptotrading is prohibited in some countries, and exchanges are deliberately blocked, which is a big problem for aggressive traders constantly on the move. As a result, it’s generally a good idea to utilize a cryptocurrency VPN such as SPL VPN when connecting to your crypto exchange.

How to use SPL VPN to trade cryptocurrency securely

In three simple steps!


Install SPL VPN on your Android device


A single click to connect the server

All Set

Enjoy the security of your crypto transactions

Install SPL VPN on your Android device

Download SPL Android VPN APP

Why choose SPL VPN?

  • SPL VPN encrypts the data you send over the network, making it more difficult to intercept.
  • SPL VPN provides additional protection against malware, viruses, and phishing assaults.
  • SPL VPN masks your IP address to prevent hackers, government officials, and forensic analysis businesses from tracking your IP address, allowing you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency fully anonymously (assuming you avoid KYC/AML exchanges).
  • SPL VPN is free to use without worrying about data leaks.
  • SPL VPN doesn’t demand you to register; download the App and connect to one of our servers.
  • SPL VPN follows a strict no-log policy, which helps to protect your anonymity.
  • SPL VPN leverages cutting-edge tunneling technologies such as WireGuard that are both fast and secure. You are no longer limited by your ISP when using SPL VPN. Our lightning-fast servers provide speedy and uninterrupted browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions About VoIP VPN

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions about using a VPN with App.

No, purchasing cryptocurrency while using SPL VPN is not unlawful. It makes it more anonymous. No one could tell from your browser logs what you bought. When you connect via a VPN tunnel, they are encrypted. SPL VPN – a one-click Android VPN – keeps you safe!

There are numerous methods for cryptocurrency trades available online. However, the most popular option is to use a Bitcoin exchange. Not all crypto exchanges are created equal, with different features and coin types available. Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Gemini, Kraken, and Uniswap are a few notable exchanges.

Because VPNs are censorship-resistant, you can use them on decentralized exchanges without fear of getting banned. Governments often cannot monitor or prohibit Bitcoin transactions on a decentralized exchange since there is no single owner or authority.

Crypto wallets are locations where digital assets get stored more securely than on an exchange. You keep your wallet in an exchange account, a custody wallet, or somewhere else. You can create an internet-connected online or “hot” wallet on your mobile phones or other devices. There’s also the option to keep your money on a device not connected to the internet, termed – a cold wallet. Cold wallets are the safest way to keep your bitcoin, but because they do not get connected to the internet, they are only suitable for long-term holdings.

Fake crypto trading exchanges deceive users by misrepresenting trade volume and statistics to attract newcomers to crypto trading. In a volatile market like cryptocurrency, it is best to stick with trusted platforms.

Hackers can compromise your device and install mining software on the system to steal cryptocurrency from your account and transfer all funds to themselves. It is hence imperative for users to utilize SPL VPN for safe and secure crypto trading!

Because of hackers and scammers, cryptocurrency trading is getting increasingly dangerous. SPL VPN conceals your IP address and encrypts your internet activity, making it impossible for thieves to track your cryptocurrency transactions. It also encrypts your internet traffic so that even if a hacker gains access to your data, they will only see scrambled codes. SPL VPN protects you with powerful encryption methods and strict no-logs policy to keep you anonymous. SPL VPN facilitates trading bitcoins safely and securely, ultimately giving you peace of mind.

When using a cryptocurrency VPN, verify that no information that might get used to identifying the user or their location gets leaked. An IP and DNS leak occurs when a user’s browsing data gets leaked out of the secure VPN tunnel and becomes visible again. In case of a DNS breach, the IP address and location of the user’s Internet service provider (ISP) become available, which can get utilized to determine the user’s current position. SPL VPN provides superior leak protection that’s second to none. Download SPL VPN for free now to experience topnotch safety and security for your crypto transactions!

Compared to 2021, global Cryptojacking volumes increased by $66.7 million, or 30%, in the first half of 2022, causing merchants to exercise extra care. Hackers create a duplicate of the currency and use it in transactions while retaining the original, termed double-spending, and it is a possible risk in bitcoin trading. Despite efforts to strengthen security, the number of crimes committed continues to rise. On the other side, there is a growing interest in cryptocurrencies, not just for buying and selling but also for investment purposes. As a result, it’s a good idea to use SPL VPN to work with cryptocurrency and, as an outcome, be able to operate safely and securely.

Yes. When on SPL VPN, you can mine Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies). In fact, in some circumstances, it is required. For example, if you’re a member of a mining pool, your ISP may prohibit your connection; SPL VPN solves this problem. Furthermore, if you prefer that no one knows you’re mining cryptocurrencies, a high-quality such as SPL VPN offers a protective barrier around your digital identity. It accomplishes this by concealing your publicly visible IP address and encrypting your connection.

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