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How to Unblock Websites & Apps in Egypt with SPL

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Why use VPN for Egypt?

Egypt is a country with strict censorship. The country has limited online freedom, frequently targeting journalists, bloggers, and media outlets. The Egyptian government has a history of banning access to almost 500 websites. In the past, even the video streaming network YouTube got temporarily prohibited. But now you can easily access any content with SPL, the best free VPN in Egypt.

  • Freedom House rates a score of 18 out of 100 on the Global Freedom Index 2022, defining the country as “not free.”
  • Egypt is a country that blocks VPNs. Even though VPNs are legal, many VPN providers’ websites and servers are blocked here.
  • The country prohibits the usage of messaging and VoIP apps.

If you reside in Egypt or are visiting, you may be unable to browse the internet with an Egyptian IP address or access some newspapers and many services.

Free VPN in Egypt to access blocked websites and apps.
Best free VPN for unblocking Egypt

Unblock Egyptian News

Here in Egypt, many online news outlets, including the Daily News Egypt, Mada Masr, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Rassd News Network, and others, are restricted. Users of SPL VPN have complete flexibility to follow the news they desire with the best free VPN for Egypt.

Access Restricted Websites in Egypt

Egypt has prohibited several websites that the Government claims incite unrest in the country. HuffPost, April 6 Youth Movement, Human Rights Watch, and Medium are among them. Unblock banned websites in Egypt using SPL—the best free VPN for Egypt!

Access Restricted Websites in Egypt
Unblock Social Media using SPL VPN

Unblock Social Media Sites

Facebook and Twitter get blocked here because they get frequently used by demonstrators. While the shutdowns are never permanent, numerous political Facebook pages get removed, apparently at the direction of Egyptian authorities.

With a SPL VPN, you may unblock your favorite social media sites with a single click!

Unblock VOIP calls in Egypt

Here, many popular VoIP software and apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and Facebook Messenger get continually disrupted. The primary reason is reportedly security concerns, but there is also speculation that this is due to financial incentives for local telecoms to regulate free calls via such applications.  

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Why is SPL the Best Free VPN in Egypt?

SPL VPN provides users with uninterrupted service using its 1000+ high-speed servers, 100% free of cost.

Unblock VoIP services in Egypt using SPL VPN
Protect your device with SPL VPN while accessing Wi-Fi

Safeguard Your Data When Using Public Wi-Fi

Unsecured public Wi-Fi in cafes, hotels, airports, and other public locations exposes your data to other users on the network, including hackers. They can see and steal your personal information, such as credit card details and account information.

Instead, SPL VPN routes your data through a private, encrypted channel. Even if someone steals your connection, they will be unable to interpret or use your data. Download SPL VPN—the best free VPN in Egypt today.

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I tried several premium VPNs, but the connection was unstable in most of them, and my internet access was constantly interrupted. Then I discovered SPL VPN, which has worked flawlessly for me. I appreciate the app’s privacy and security features. To avoid location restrictions, I primarily use a VPN for tunneling (IP masking). SPL VPN, in my opinion, gives much better service than premium VPNs. Highly Recommend it!


I’ve been using SPL VPN for a long time and have had no problems with it. I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve installed SPL VPN on all my Android devices and am pleased and delighted with the service. I recommend it to anyone searching for a straightforward free VPN with unlimited usage. Thank you so much, SPL VPN!


So far, so good! I appreciate the added security; it significantly reduces my anxiety. Brilliant. I’ve been using this VPN in Egypt for quite some time. A notorious country for VPNs to operate. SPL VPN has always worked. It stays ahead of the curve and works faster than the competition. I have no complaints. It just works. 5 stars!!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Egypt, using a VPN is not yet banned. Although the Egyptian government dislikes its citizens circumventing censorship, no one has gotten arrested for using a VPN so far.

SPL VPN introduces a unique network interface that functions like an internet connection. Your IP is different from your true one, and all your traffic is encrypted. SPL VPN allows a host computer to transmit and receive information across shared or public networks as if it were a private network, with all the capability, security, and administration policies that private networks give.

For any reason, we do not reduce the connection speed of any of our users. We will supply you with the fastest available connection speed. SPL VPN maintains no logs, which boosts speed.

Yes, SPL VPN is 100% secure. The encryption SPL VPN provides is military-grade that is next to impossible for hackers to decipher. Subscribe to SPL VPN today for unmatched safety, security, and privacy online. On SPL VPN, your online data and privacy gets protected by Wireguard protocol and military-grade encryption. SPL VPN adheres to a zero-log policy which translates to boosted security and speeds.

SPL VPN has 1000+ high-speed servers throughout the world. We are growing our server presence to provide you with the best and most dependable VPN connections.

SPL VPN follows a no-log policy, which means that we do not collect any data that passes through our VPN server, which protects your privacy and gives you peace of mind because data collection takes time. Not doing this saves time, which improves your SPL VPN connection speeds.

VPNs provide the highest online protection. SPL is the best free VPN that works in Egypt to protect yourself from data leaks, cyberattacks, and intrusive snoopers like ISPs or ads.  So always have SPL VPN turned on.

Yes! SPL VPN is an excellent choice for online gaming due to its fast speeds and global network of VPN servers. You may use SPL VPN to access Steam, unblock Fortnite, play PUBG, and much more.

Yes. Yes. One of SPL VPNs’ advantages is its ability to unblock access to prohibited applications. YouTube is no different. To watch your favorite YouTubers, download SPL VPN – the One-click Android VPN today.

An ideal server has the best speed and performance. SPL VPN’s application algorithms will select the best server in the nearest range and connect automatically to it instantly with a single click.

Yes, SPL VPN does not slow or limit your torrent speed. SPL VPN provides the fastest speeds. With our unlimited bandwidth, your internet experience will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Our P2P-compatible server network performs admirably. With the SPL VPN, you may feel safe and secure.

Using a VPN can rescue you from several inconveniences and regional restrictions. Using a VPN will also help to protect your computer from hackers and spammers. It can also help Mitigate Bandwidth throttling.

It is operational once the connection gets established. You will see a VPN indicator in your status bar, indicating that you are safe and secure and your privacy – intact.

When you connect to SPL VPN, you will be able to:

  • Access blocked Content
  • Keep Data Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks
  • Bypass ISP Throttling
  • Avoid Office/School/College Internet Restrictions
  • Prevent Google/Facebook from Tracking You
  • Block Your ISP From Seeing your activities
  • Avoid Government Censorship