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Why is it Necessary to use a VPN in Belarus?

Belarus has an authoritarian regime where elections get carefully controlled, and civil freedoms are restricted.

The Ministry of Telecommunications oversees all telecommunications through government-owned carriers that are the only ones in the country authorized to govern and supply information services, namely The Presidential Administration’s Operations and Analysis Center (OAC), once a branch of the KGB, supervises internet service providers (ISPs), monitors information security and executes online surveillance.

Protect Your Online Privacy

Online privacy is undoubtedly a key concern for Belarusians, as Internet interruptions are often here, particularly during political turmoil and law & police enforcement. The government of Belarus focuses on political and social websites that foment opposition.

Dissent against the government was deemed a legal infraction in the country, and internet users, bloggers, and anyone propagating opposing political views online were arrested or intimidated by law enforcement or other government personnel.

Belarus VPN to access blocked websites and apps in Belarus

Internet Censorship in Belarus

The country is also notorious for censoring websites, especially those critical of the government where the country has a checkered past of internet outages tied to elections where authorities shut down mobile internet and social media over the following 120 days, notably during regular rallies in 2020. Internet outages and violence go hand in hand here!

As if that weren’t enough, since 2012, a law necessitates public Wi-Fi operators and ISPs to log their users’ data. Due to these severe censorship and government internet surveillance, more and more people in belarus are using VPNs to gain unrestricted access to the internet.

100% Safe VPN for Public WiFi

Secure Web Browsing in Belarus 

For your online security, SPL VPN uses military-grade encryption. It routes data traffic through a secure tunnel. As a result, it is difficult for someone to monitor your internet activities and discover your identity. SPL VPN protects your anonymity while browsing.

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Bypass Belarus internet censorship using best Belarus VPN

Bypass Government Censorship with an Unlimited Free Belarus VPN

A VPN is your best chance if you want to surf the internet freely in Belarus. You will no longer have to face restrictions when attempting to access banned websites with SPL VPN.

Protect your Privacy 

All online activity gets viewed by the Operational and Analytic Center, a government organization that has had control over ISPs since 2010. You get to safeguard your privacy from such organizations with SPL VPN.

VPN for WhatsApp and Skype Calling

Enables you to enjoy WhatsApp and Skype calls in complete privacy and security. SPL VPN helps you unblock the applications quickly with our fast servers located all over the world. Stay safely connected to your loved ones with SPL VPN!

Stay Secure on Public Wi-Fi with SPL VPN

Although the government is the antagonist of free internet in Belarus, hackers, fraudsters, and identity thieves also pose a threat. Hackers frequently attempt to target individuals via an unsecured Public Wi-Fi connection. They will then connect to the victim’s network, potentially stealing important personal and financial details. If you want to avoid the troubles that hackers can cause, it is only logical to use SPL VPN.

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Our ground-breaking IP-sharing VPN for Belarus with ultra-low latency is free and unlimited. As a result, it’s a fantastic value for players. The one-click-connect feature of the SPL VPN allows you to connect to a server region where games are not banned, essentially unblocking blocked games.

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Fastest and most stable VPN service I’ve used!! No reduction in speed for streaming, browsing, or even gaming. Yes, SPL works even on my slow internet connection, it works flawlessly; that is, not a single drop in connection, no noticeable lag, and no issues when connecting. Fast, solid, secure!!!!


In love with it! I have been using for like a month or two and I just love SPL VPN. The interface is easy to use, the connection time is very great, the speed was awesome and over-all the app is cool!!


It just works! Seamlessly reconnects with imperceptible delay/lag on every network I’ve tested it on so far. Useful to hide me effectively for free which would otherwise cost much more. The unlimited free data is out of this world!! Works cool on my Samsung phones. Great job. Highly recommend.

No. VPNs are prohibited in Belarus. As a result, you should proceed with caution when using these tools. Always use services that do not keep logs, such as SPL VPN.

SPL VPN adheres to a strict no-log policy, making it the finest VPN available for free. SPL VPN includes 1000+ servers, no bandwidth limits, and military-grade encryption. Learn more features of SPL on the features page.

A VPN safeguards your data by encrypting it while disguising your IP address. In layman’s terms, encryption is the conversion of data from the plain text that anybody can read to a cipher that only authorized users can read.

Most VPN companies today make it as simple as possible to download and launch a VPN service, much like any other software. SPL VPN is free to use with no signup and can be configured easily with a single click.

Hacks and data breaches are a dime a dozen. It’s easy to believe you have nothing to hide until you have anything taken or stolen.

VPN providers gather data, like the time and server you are connected got initiated. These records frequently get used to aid in resolving VPN service-related problems. The likelihood of this type of data including sensitive or private information is low. Subscribe to SPL VPN and forget about your VPN provider logging your data. SPL VPN follows a strict no-log policy wherein we never keep any of your browsing data or online activity.

To use a VPN at home or elsewhere, you’ll need to set up an active internet connection. Whether you utilize Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data is unimportant. So, sure, a VPN does function without Wi-fi as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Your ISP only knows that you are connecting to a VPN server when you access the internet using SPL VPN. Additionally, your true IP address cannot get tracked since when you connect to a server, the service sees the server’s IP address rather than your own. Subscribe today to 100% free, unlimited VPN with 1000+ servers worldwide for blazing fast speeds – SPL VPN!

VPNs are illegal in Belarus, Iraq, North Korea, or Turkmenistan. VPN services are restricted heavily in China, Iran, Oman, Russia, Turkey, and the UAE. If there is one thing that all of the countries on this list have in common, it is that their governments desire to control information that their populations have access to.

Using the web in Belarus has its own round of complications. People in the country are already being impacted by region-blocked services and websites. In addition, the government has opted to prohibit certain types of online content. Belarus is, in fact, a country where internet freedom is limited. As a result, for secure browsing in Belarus, it’s vital to use a reliable VPN like SPL. It is a top-recommended VPN in 2022.

Yes, for the most part! It will safeguard your surfing activities and data from hackers and spies.

SPL VPN operates a quality VPN network that has been speed- and reliability-tested for free. With SPL VPN, you may connect instantly to 1000+ servers worldwide and enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

The answer is yes. When using public Wi-Fi, you should always have your VPN on to protect yourself from data leaks and cyberattacks from invasive snoopers like ISPs and advertisers. SPL VPN provides the ultimate online protection. Keep SPL VPN activated at all times for topmost safety and security.

You can access the internet anonymously by using SPL VPN. Your data is encrypted and sent through a remote server so that businesses or other organizations attempting to transact with you over information cannot access it.


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