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Why Should You Use a Free VPN for Germany?

The intelligence service of Germany has broad capabilities to snoop on you. And they do spy on you, as evidenced by the Snowden documents. Germany is a signatory to the 14 Eyes Treaty, and its data retention laws allow authorities to keep your metadata (including text message content) for up to ten weeks.

The BND, Germany’s Intelligence Agency, gathers an estimated 220 million metadata sets per day, which include information about who communicates with whom, when, from where, and for how long, via the Internet.

In addition, following the 2016 Munich terror attack, the BND was given the authority to eavesdrop on foreign individuals and businesses without a warrant. Germany also imposes strict anti-piracy rules. P2P file sharing of copyrighted materials is illegal for German authorities, and your ISP will mark you for illegal torrenting.

VPN is a Must!

Because the German performing artists rights organization GEMA wants Germans to pay $0.12 every time they watch certain YouTube videos, a lot of content is blocked in Germany. Google slammed the move as downright discrimination.

Many contents are blocked for the entire country. So, using the best VPN for Germany is a must! It’s the best solution to maintain your security and privacy online. Enjoy the real freedom of streaming, torrenting, and browsing with the most reliable VPN – SPL VPN!

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Safe and Secure VPN for Browsing in Germany

Safe browsing is possible only with a good VPN. As Germany sticks to some internet restrictions, people are limited by the ban on some websites. Moreover, a number of cyberattacks are happening day by day. So, you need SPL VPN to ensure your privacy and anonymity. The best-in-class encryption is offered with a no-log policy and no signup.

Access to Everything

We mask your location online and increase your security. This free and unlimited service is one of the best and most premium providers in the world now. Get access to everything you love! The lightning-quick connectivity makes it unique and works seamlessly with your dedicated IP.

Best Free VPN for Torrenting in Germany

Do you know? Illegal downloads through torrents or otherwise are punishable under German law. Such downloads can result in hefty penalties and perhaps jail terms. Downloading a song or watching a movie on the internet is frequently restricted. German authorities consider P2P file sharing of copyrighted materials to be unlawful, and your ISP will report you for illegal torrenting.

Extra layer of Security

So, don’t get caught out torrenting with a poor choice of VPN. Choose SPL VPN, the most trusted Free android VPN in Germany, to add a layer of security with high speed in Germany. Solid security with a strict zero-log policy is assured! Enjoy the extremely fast connections with our P2P-friendly VPN.

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Using Public Wi-Fi with SPL VPN

Does a VPN Protect You on Public WiFi?

If the network isn’t safe and secure and you log in to an unencrypted site, other users on the network can watch what you do and send online. They’re able to hijack your session and log in as you. Choose SPL VPN for Germany to stay away from cyber snoopers and break their confidence in penetrating the wall of encryption.

A Safe Zone With Us!

Public WiFi can expose you to a number of threats, including viruses, malware, trojans, and other spy activities. All of the attacks will be rendered worthless if public Wi-Fi is enhanced with SPL VPN. They will not be able to view the contents of the traffic you are sending.

Proven VPN for VoIP Services

No specific restrictions are imposed for using VoIP services in Germany. But choosing the right android VPN for Germany is the only possible way to secure your online privacy. The top-notch threat protection is offered by SPL VPN with a no-log policy and no signup.

Advanced Encryption Standard

You’re on the right choice to enjoy international calls with 100% security. Use Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Google Hangouts, etc., with military-grade encryption. We ensure your video and voice chats are tightly encrypted with faster speed and foil packet sniffing. No more bandwidth throttling on your VoIP calls. Choose the right one!

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Best gaming experience using SPL VPN

No.1 VPN for Gaming Around the World

SPL VPN is highly recommended by real users for gaming around the world. It lowers the ping and minimizes the lag, so you can enjoy your favorite games. We bypass throttling, boost your connectivity, avoid DDoS attacks by hiding your IP, and confirm leak protection.

No More Buffering

Our 1000+ servers around the world help you avoid bandwidth throttling and get you access to the most popular games with 100% privacy. Our VPN also offers full features of the games and a multiplayer facility. Many people in Germany trust SPL VPN to stay secure and anonymous while playing games.

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10/10 in performance, speed, and reliability. As a software developer, I’m satisfied with the extra layer of security that SPL provides. My top recommendation!

Frequently Asked Questions

No! It’s not illegal to download YouTube videos in Germany. But we cannot promise your online safety while using it if you’re not an SPL VPN user. Copyright issues are reported by the government, and it’s illegal to watch or work on them. So, downloading such videos will drag you to the punishment. Use a good VPN to secure your online privacy. Choose SPL VPN for YouTube and be safe in the internet world.

The censorship in Germany is minimal, but the people are suffering from some geo-blocks, including copyright issues. Your privacy is eroded by government surveillance! So choosing a VPN to browse with security is very essential. There are no regulations or laws that make VPNs illegal in Germany. Then why shouldn’t you use it to access everything you love!

Install the best and most reliable VPN from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store. Open the app and connect to the server location where the sites are not blocked.

SPL VPN offers a no-log policy and no signup with free and unlimited service. So you can secure your sensitive information without any registration, unlike many VPN providers in Germany. Install the app from the Google Play Store. Open the app! A single click to connect to the server location where the websites aren’t banned. Enjoy the fastest servers in the world with us.

Illegal downloads, including torrents, are punishable by German law. If you try to download it, then you’ll have to face jail terms. Many online file-sharing services are also illegal in Germany. So, the only way to escape from such geo-restriction is by using the best VPN. You won’t be dissatisfied with the service of SPL VPN. Our no-log policy and no-signup offer 100% security online by masking your IP and hiding your online activities.

Heavy internet censorship is not reported in Germany. Still, some downloads, including torrents, will be punished under German law. P2P file sharing of copyrighted materials is unlawful in the country. The sites that are against the concerns of the nation are unlawful.

SPL VPN is an absolutely free and unlimited VPN in Germany. The no-log policy and no-signup offer military-grade encryption for your internet traffic. SPL offers 1000+ servers around the world to provide you with free access to everything you wanna watch. Take advantage of the unlimited bandwidth and stay anonymous online.

Downloading illegal content is punishable under German law. As a result, downloading such content or other files from Google Drive will get you in big trouble! Choose SPL VPN to stay safe and anonymous online with full protection of your privacy. It’s an absolutely free and unlimited service with the option of 1000+ servers around the world.

Don’t forget that pirated games are illegal in Germany. Almost every country has issued this law. If you try to do it without the protection of a VPN, then it could potentially open you up to civil and criminal legal action. Install SPL VPN on the Google Play Store. It’s a one-click connect the app to the fastest servers. Choose a server location where the games are not blocked.


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