Should I Use VPN for Cryptocurrency Transactions? [2023]

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Cryptocurrency has become a major global craze. With cryptocurrency, you can make anonymous payments and instant transfers anywhere in the world and own your money entirely.

Having said that, if you utilize crypto without any security, you risk losing your crypto assets. 

Using a VPN can safeguard yourself, your privacy, and your crypto assets.

All cryptocurrency protocols are created with the highest level of security in mind and use end-to-end encryption. Most exchange websites also use end-to-end encryption, so no one can intercept the data you send straight to them unless you are vulnerable to significant security flaws. A VPN service provides an additional layer of security to your digital transactions.

What are the difficulties when Trading Cryptocurrencies?

You may have heard that cryptocurrency transactions are incredibly secure, and you are correct. However, there is still the possibility that your connection will get intercepted as it goes across the internet. If this occurs, you may lose your assets if hackers access your crypto or exchange wallet.

Not to mention that cryptocurrency transactions are pseudonymous and not entirely anonymous. If someone manages to connect your wallet and your IP address, you can get identified with ease.

Another difficulty with cryptocurrencies is that some nations prohibit their residents from using them. They either block websites or discourage their use by levying exorbitant costs. You may also become infected with crypto-jacking malware. Such malware can use the resources on your computer to mine cryptocurrencies for hackers.


Cases of Crypto crimes

Fake crypto trading exchanges deceive users by misrepresenting trade volume and statistics to attract newcomers to crypto trading. In a volatile market like cryptocurrency, it is best to stick with trusted platforms.

Hackers can compromise your device and install mining software on the system to steal cryptocurrency from your account and transfer all funds to themselves. This practice gets termed Cryptojacking, and such a virus can completely wipe away your crypto assets.


Why Should You Use a VPN for Cryptocurrency Transactions?

VPNs do increase your crypto security in terms of privacy. As you may be aware, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous rather than anonymous. Following a KYC/AML check, it is simple to trace your financial transactions. After all, every transaction gets recorded on a distributed public ledger, and you leave an IP footprint at crypto exchanges and other internet service providers.

A solid privacy-focused VPN service protects your identity from whoever wants to monitor you, whether it’s hackers, a government agency, or a hostile third party. Privacy is a fundamental human right among civilized people. Nobody can steal your money if they don’t know it belongs to you, which is why privacy is the ultimate security measure.

The following are the primary reasons why you should utilize a VPN when dealing with cryptocurrencies:

    • VPN encrypts the data you send over the network, making it more difficult to intercept.
    • VPN provides an additional layer of protection against malware, viruses, and phishing assaults.
    • VPN masks your IP address to prevent hackers, government officials, and forensic analysis businesses from tracking your IP address, allowing you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency fully anonymously (assuming you avoid KYC/AML exchanges).
    • A privacy-focused VPN does not keep logs, which helps to protect your anonymity.
    • VPN protects you against phishing attacks.
    • VPN will hide your crypto activities from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
    • VPN will allow you to access geo-restricted cryptocurrency websites.

What we Recommend

SPL VPN is one of the best free crypto VPN providers.

SPL VPN uses the WireGuard® protocol for communication and military-grade encryption, allowing consumers to experience faster speeds while maintaining their anonymity.

SPL VPN has over 1000+ servers worldwide, ensuring that users may always connect to a fast server. SPL VPN software for Android automatically selects the optimal server in a particular country. If you have any issues, you may contact their customer service 24×7. SPL VPN is a no-logs service that ensures users’ internet actions are kept private and their Android devices – safe.



A trustworthy VPN is a privacy and anonymity tool for anyone who works with cryptocurrencies. It can certainly improve your security and protect your identity. When selecting a VPN, look for one that does not keep logs, and remember to support service providers who accept cryptocurrency payments. When used appropriately, a online privacy focused VPN such as SPL VPN can be the best tool in your security arsenal.


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