VPN Security Risk and Issues

Top 8 VPN Security Risks & Issues

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You need a key to privacy in the internet world.

One more thing!!!

Internet traffic must be secured.

How to prevent ISP snooping, government surveillance, and nosy hackers?

All you need is a reliable VPN.


If you don’t pay proper attention, you will often have to hit your head on some VPN security risks.

So, is VPN safe?

Lemme say! It depends…

If you choose the best and most reliable VPN providers with a lot of care, you’ll be able to enjoy the most amazing safety and security!

A number of VPN services, such as free Android VPNs like SPL VPN, are completely dedicated to your security, with a no-log policy and no signup required.

When you use unsafe VPN services, they themselves endanger your data beyond their promises.

Here we will share with you the common VPN security risks!

Top 8 VPN Security Risks & Issues You Should Know!
  1. Demands Signup & Login

Let me tell you something interesting!

You’re using a VPN to hide your browsing activities. But what if the same VPN demands you log in instead of your ISP?

If you’re choosing a provider that keeps logs, this is definitely the only thing that happens. Even having that service becomes of no use when they impose policies on you that affect your online privacy.

Do you know?

Usage logs are highly dangerous once they grab your data about your surfing activities while using a VPN.

But you don’t have to worry too much about connection logs!

“They are a bit more innocent!”

because it’s just data about connections.

It’s not what you do with a VPN. But what they’re doing is also violating your privacy!

One thing you need to understand is that these providers are also the ones who impose bandwidth limits.

But don’t be too afraid of this logging policy, as SPL VPN is here for you!

We offer a zero-log policy and demand no signup to experience secure browsing. Your online freedom and privacy are important to us!

Trust the best! “Go for SPL VPN!

No more concerns over the dangers of VPN logging.

VPN providers who do not support cryptocurrency payments are also quite risky!

Do you know why?

Sometimes we have to log some personal information when we pay for their service with a credit card or platforms like PayPal.

But if it’s a cryptocurrency, there’s no need for it! So, choose wisely!

  • Biggest Data Leakage
  • Choosing the wrong VPN causes data leakage.

    You are using a VPN to hide your traffic and IP address for security and online privacy. But all of these are leaked through the VPN tunnel. This condition is known as a “data leak.”

    DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks, and IP leaks are some examples of that.

    What is the point of using a VPN if we face such situations? Therefore, the utmost care has to be taken while choosing a VPN.

    SPL VPN will configure connections to secure you. But this type of leak happens because many VPN services don’t configure their connections better!

    But that’s not always the only reason! Browser-related issues also occur.

    Providers like SPL VPN are always careful not to expose your data even if things like this happen.

  • Hidden Facts Behind Policies
  • Many VPN providers have set their privacy policies behind the dirty policy of covering your eyes with digital tricks.

    These groups actually do not care about your privacy issues but offer top-notch security in their marketing copy. Their privacy policies may tell a completely different story.

    You will also get a clear picture from this privacy policy on whether they are keeping logs or otherwise in any way.

    In the privacy policy, it may have been mentioned that they will collect user data or share it with third parties. So, you have to check it!

    Their goal, of course, is money. It’s just that they’re using us!

    Advertisers pay them to put their hands on your data. VPN providers share them without any hesitation. Therefore, advertisers create personalized profiles and spam you with targeted ads.

    Another interesting thing is that some providers display ‘targeted ads’ in front of their clients.

    What’s the use of VPN services if you face these kinds of treatments from them?

    Got nah?

    The benefit is only for them!!!

    But SPL VPN does not provide you with this type of service! We’ll never keep your data as they have no evil intentions!

    There is no doubt that they will sell your personal information to third parties, who have no hesitation in reaping huge profits with your data.

    If they don’t conduct a background check, a cybercriminal or scammer may gain access to your sensitive information.

  • Poorly-Configured Encryption
  • Another persistent problem is poorly configured encryption from the side of VPN providers.

    VPN providers may make serious mistakes while configuring the encryption using VPNs if they do not do their homework properly.

    By exploiting the poor encryption, fraudsters and surveillance agencies may be able to intercept your web traffic and decrypt it.

    But don’t worry!

    SPL VPN has no problem sharing encryption details with you if you are a user of our service.

  • Rise of Malware Attacks
  • Choosing an untrusted VPN causes stealing of financial or personal details through network.

    You may have to deal with serious VPN risks. It could be the consequence of not choosing a trusted VPN provider.

    When you download a VPN client, risks like malware can get into your device.

    All the activities you do may be spied upon, spammed with malicious ads, and used to steal personal or financial details.

    You need to expose your device to ransomware if you’re an unlucky person. This way, you can also encrypt your data. After that, you’re able to ask for a huge ransom in exchange!

    Many VPN services found on the Google Play Store are absolutely dangerous in this way. But if you opt for SPL VPN, no such issue will affect you!

  • Being pushed to Use PPTP
  • PPTP is still one of the most important VPN protocols. It’s very fast and convenient. But if you are the one who gives importance to your privacy, the foregoing is quite dangerous.

    Do you wonder why?

    The NSA has already decrypted PPTP traffic. While looking for victims, it is the PPTP traffic that cybercriminals are more able to target.

    Therefore, it would be quite foolish to choose a VPN service that offers only PPTP connections. At the same time, SPL VPN offers Wire Guard, one of the strongest and safest protocols that ensure 100% security without any risky concerns.

    If they are a provider who does not just offer PPTP but also offers L2TP/IPSec with them, then it is even better, but not good!

    This is up to you!

    It’s very beneficial to own the best and most reliable services like SPL VPN without compromising your safety.

  • Your IP as an Exit Node
  • It occurs when a VPN provider bases its network on the bandwidth and IP addresses of its users.

    Many users provide their bandwidth and IP address by mistake, but many don’t realize it since they don’t read the provider’s Terms & Service or Privacy Policy.

    There’s nothing more dangerous than this if they’re using your IP address as an exit node because yours is used by other VPN users who come to the web.

    In this way, a cybercriminal or scammer can do illegal stuff on the Internet using your IP address.

    Sharing child pornography, downloading illegal torrents, and DoS/DDoS-ing websites and networks are some examples of such illegal acts.

    If you think about how the worst problems all this will lead you to…

    You know!!!

    Let’s assume that VPN providers don’t do this anyway, don’t they?

    Once, a VPN provider was caught red-handed for turning users’ devices into exit nodes and selling bandwidth to third parties.

  • No more Security Features
  • It’s not just the no-log policy or no signups that are at their best for a VPN service. Having more security features is necessary for your complete security.

    DNS leak protection is the first thing we need to take care of!

    Even if you verify the connections and find no DNS leaks, it’s always good to know the VPN provider has safeguards in place to keep a DNS leak from catching you off guard.

    The facility of Application-level Kill Switches helps you know and control which applications cannot use your web while your VPN connection is down.

    It’ll be highly useful for email apps and torrents. 

    Internet Kill Switches help you protect your privacy. If your VPN connection goes down, your traffic is also stopped there. It will resume itself only when the connection is running well.

    A VPN provider is not bad just because these facilities are not provided. Choosing the best with extra security features is in our interest.

    How to Avoid VPN Security Issues?

    The first solution is to get the best VPN service like SPL VPN. We are giving the utmost importance to your privacy and security with offers like free and unlimited services.

    No signup and no-log policy are our promises!

    Before you choose any other VPN service, please check if they are involved in any kind of privacy or security fraud.

    It would be great to check a lot of reviews. Try to find out more about what people are saying about them before proceeding.

    Make sure they meet all the security standards! It includes secure VPN protocols, a no-logging policy, no signup, and the best security features.

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