Paid VPN vs Free VPN

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN: Which One is Better?

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The basic difference between a free and a paid VPN is crystal clear!

You can subscribe to the former one for free, while the latter has a monthly subscription fee.

In that aspect, a free VPN is more popular than a paid one. But some free versions may come with hidden costs. 

Now you doubt how free VPN services make their money.


When paid VPN services make their money from subscription fees, a free VPN provider has to generate their income depending on your use.

As we dive deeper, we quickly understand that there is more to this saga than meets the eye!

What are the benefits of using a VPN service?

We have to admit that the era we are living in is undoubtedly digital.

In this digital era, it is paramount to check whether we are safe and secure. 

We can depend on VPNs in this age of online everything. The VPN is so popular due to its ease of use. In spite of all the technical-sounding words, VPNs provide all kinds of benefits to even the greenest of network newbies.

Here are some of the reasons why we like VPNs.

    • Safe and anonymous browsing online 
    • Unblock any censored or geo-restricted app
    • Bypass government censorship
    • Streaming any of your favorite content 
    • Avoid price manipulation based on cookies

Advantages of using a free VPN service

A free VPN service works like an invisible cloak!

It helps to browse anonymously on the internet. Except for the VPN server, no one can track your online details and activities. Websites that you visit, can’t see your IP address.

In short, a free VPN will provide you with greater freedom, privacy, and anonymity online.

Normally, a free VPN service is available at zero cost. That is its strength.

You can either sign up with a VPN provider offering a 30-day money-back guarantee and then claim your money (making it 100% free), or simply choose the free VPN option of a paid VPN provider.

Another privacy-oriented benefit is that most free VPN services don’t require a user to sign-up or register to avail of their service. In this way, you need not enter sensitive information like your biographic information, financial information, or any personal details (e-mail ID, bank details, etc.). 

To do so, it is practically impossible for cybercriminals to monitor your browsing activities. To put it simply, with a free VPN service, you will get much greater anonymity. 

Disadvantages of using a free VPN service 

    • Interrupted by Ads: Free VPN users often see uncontrolled ads while accessing the service. This will reduce the working efficiency of the VPN.

    Many of these ads may contain malware and spyware.

    These can endanger your device’s security. So, if you click on these ads accidentally, it could possibly bring you a lot of trouble.

    • Reduces internet connection speed noticeably: When you stream videos, play games, or download torrents, a free VPN can significantly slow down your internet connection. 

    So, it is always wise to choose a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth speed.

    SPL VPN is a better option as it has boundless bandwidth.

    • Limited service features: If you somehow find a free VPN that works up to your expectations, you’ll likely experience another problem.

    That’s service limitations. 

    Because free versions cannot meet all of your requirements, you should be able to use a free VPN with limitations.

    Premium VPN providers offer free services with a paid plan.

    Although free VPNs never put your data or devices at risk, the provider will ensure that it doesn’t meet all your needs.

    In spite of that, most free versions of paid VPN services limit your data usage to 500 MB per month (in many cases). 

    • Another limitation is that they won’t unblock US Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

    But the good news is awaiting free VPN users. 

    Let’s see!

    SPL VPN surpasses all the above cons with its extraordinarily advanced premium features.

    Download it now!

    SPL VPN guarantees safe browsing!

SPL is a smart VPN in the market. This is a free and unlimited VPN for Android devices.

It also works well with Android versions of 10, 11, 12, Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow, Pie, and Oreo.

Moreover, we get all the premium features for free. That’s one advantage.

If you use SPL VPN, your digital happiness is guaranteed!

Incredible premium features are available only from SPL Android VPN

    • Unlimited data 
    • Super-speed internet
    • Auto detective servers
    • No data leakage
    • Excellent wire guard protocol
    • Free Access
    • Easy one-click connectivity
    • More than 1000 obfuscated servers
    • Anonymous surfing
    • Bypass geo-restriction
    • Zero logging

SPL is a gem among many VPNs!

Based on the above-mentioned premium features, it is very apt to say that SPL is an “all-in-one VPN.”

SPL combines both the free and premium features in a convenient way.

The advantages of using a paid VPN service 

With a solid network infrastructure, paid VPN services have thousands of servers that are spread across many countries around the world.

It helps to easily get access to secure servers in different countries. 

This will make it easier for your traffic to remain encrypted.

It also tremendously boosts your online browsing activity since there is significantly less traffic to deal with when compared to free VPN services.

The income source of paid VPN services is generally from clientele. Paid VPN services get the necessary resources from clients to improve the safety and security of their networks.

Generally, paid VPN services typically feature open source protocols with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. Besides these, there are other additional encryption layers such as IPSec and Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol (L2TP).

Next, paid VPN services always work to boost your online security.

For this purpose, it usually comes with multi-platform support and access, unlimited bandwidth capacity, and a variety of additional features.

Paid VPN services want to know what their customers are saying about their service. As per the customer’s suggestion, paid VPN services will solve certain issues and improve work efficiency. 

That’s why these paid VPN services provide clients with round-the-clock customer support and service through email, live chat, telephone, or an online contact form. 

The disadvantages of using paid VPN services

As already mentioned, paid VPN services charge money to subscribe to their service. So, users have to pay a monthly, semi-annual, or annual fee for use of the services.

The fees may have risen depending on your use.

Not all paid VPN services are trustworthy. Some of them require you to sign up to continue. So there is a chance to retain logs of your information and sell them to third parties or authorities if necessary. 

Even though some paid VPN services may brag about claiming that they have a “no-logs” policy, there is no way of verifying the authenticity of that claim.

It should be noted that the VPN service provider can see all of your online communications between your device and the VPN service. This is the known truth.

That’s why it is mandatory to appropriately pick a reliable VPN service (whether paid or free) with excellent reviews by tech-brilliant experts.

You may have noticed that many of the paid VPN services are located offshore in risky jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Granada, etc. 

Since the regulatory environments in these areas are sketchy and nobody knows who the exact owner of these VPN services is, there is less chance, or no chance at all, of getting your money back if you have complaints against the company.

As a part of its policy, all paid VPN services want you to enter your biographic information and payment details.

This poses a security risk.

Paid VPN vs. Free VPN: Which should you prefer?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while searching for a VPN in the VPN market? 

Let me tell you the answer that you thought. ‘Free.’ Right?

The word “free” captures our attraction more than the rest of the other features. 

Why is this the case?

The reason is straightforward!

Because we despise spending money.

Who wants to pay a bulk subscription fee when we get an almost similar service from a freebie?

Performance and speed-wise, we can say that paid VPN services are always better. 

It is expensive to run a good VPN with fast servers and an expert customer support team.

Some free VPN services may not be updated in years and often come with poor quality and slow servers.

Also, ads will ruin your browsing experience. They do not ensure privacy.

However, this is not applicable to every free VPN service. So, not all free VPN services are always bad.

SPL VPN stole the hearts of people with reliability. It offers 1000+ servers around the world with free and unlimited service. The no-log policy and no-signup offered by SPL also make everyone activate it on their phone.


Hope you get a clear-cut picture regarding free and paid VPNs.

Now, let’s draw a conclusion.

It cannot be said which one will be better: a free or paid VPN service.

Both have their own merits and demerits.

Always choose a VPN service that brings credibility to its users. There are some free VPNs that provide ultra security and speed. 

SPL VPN is one such VPN. It is the best free unlimited VPN service, with high-quality Wire Guard implementation and obfuscated servers.

Privacy is something that may raise your eyebrows!

With SPL, you need not worry about privacy issues.

All your personal information will be safe in the hands of SPL VPN.

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