What Does A VPN Hide?

What Does A VPN Hide? 10 Things You Should Know

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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a versatile tool with a list of top uses online. It aims to save your data, protect your online privacy and identity, and hide your online activities.

VPN is one of the popular words in the current lives of many people. They have started to activate the app on their devices.

There’s a fair amount of confusion about what a VPN does.

What are you thinking?

Have a look at the major points!

10 Things A VPN Hides and Protects

    1) Disguises Your IP Address

    A VPN hides your IP address from websites and apps.

    When you get connected to the internet, your public IP address will be assigned to your device.

    It’s a unique number!

    Because it’s unique, websites and apps often misuse it to identify you.

    It also makes you remember that you’ve been there before!

    Do you know?

    The most annoying thing is that they may share your IP address.

    Also, as the activity associated with it.

    This sharing is finally in the hands of data brokers and online trackers/hackers.

    It’ll result in the illegal groups following you around the internet and targeting you with annoying ads.

    SPL VPN is one of the best VPN apps and a good solution to these problems with free and unlimited service.

    Its 1000+ servers around the globe is a big benefit.

    If you’re connected with SPL VPN, then the apps and websites are not able to see your public IP address.

    SPL VPN hides your real one and provides another IP address.

    Efficient, nah?

    Install the app from the Google Play Store.

    Open the app!

    Click on the center button to get connected!

    Simple! Easy-to-use!

    The ability of a VPN to hide your IP address is also called ‘proxying‘.

    Experience the real benefits of VPN!

    2) Hides Your Geo-location 

    A good VPN is very efficient at hiding your geo-location from apps and websites.

    Your IP address is always associated with a geographic location.

    It’s not a precise location.

    Not like longitude, latitude, and a mailing address.

    Still, it’s enough to identify which country you’re located in.

    It’s very easy to find out which city you’re in!

    Sometimes, the neighborhood!

    That’s all!

    So, the apps and websites often use your IP address to provide you with localized content.

    When you connect to a VPN server, they can only see the IP address and location of that remote VPN server.

    Not the real one!

    It’s your choice to select the IP address and location.

    SPL VPN has 1000+ servers around the world.

    Switch to one of your choices!

    3) Hides Your Browsing History from Your ISP

    Who’s the middleman between your internet and the device?

    Of course, ISP (Internet Service Provider).

    The servers of your ISP have the potential to learn much about you.

    Even though encrypted HTTPS stops them from viewing the contents of your traffic, they can still see its destination.


    They can see which websites you’ve visited, when, and for how long.

    They proudly claim not to sell your browsing history.

    But the truth is very different!

    Many American ISPs were caught sharing it with parent companies and subsidiaries.

    Later, these groups sell it to the advertisers.

    Finally, the targeted ads on your feeds!

    What a game, right!

    This resulted in the search for the best way to hide browsing histories from ISPs.

    SPL VPN is a perfect choice!

    We route your traffic through the encrypted tunnel.

    It helps your ISP with no useful information about online activities.

    They’ll watch your data transfer!

    But, unable to decipher it!

    Your browsing history has become a mystery!

    SPL VPN hides your browsing history from any third parties, including the owner of the WiFi router you own and eavesdroppers on your internet.

    So, install SPL VPN, the free Android VPN app, now!

    4) Safeguards Your Personal Information

    Protecting your personal data from online attacks is a task!

    With a powerful VPN, one can stay away from data theft and man-in-the-middle attacks.

    Airports, malls, and restaurants are also included in the list of your frequent visiting spots, right?


    Then, you should be aware of connecting to public WiFi hotspots.

    Without a VPN, it results in a big risk!

    Your security by the WiFi operators is weak or most probably non-existent.

    It’s enough for any hacker/tracker to simply manipulate your traffic.

    They can redirect it to phishing sites!

    These illegal groups also read your unencrypted data.

    Your internet traffic is extra safe within the tunnel of SPL VPN.

    We help you stay away from tampering and manipulation.

    So, switching to the best VPN app is preferable before using public WiFi networks.

    Now, browse safely!

    5) Hides Your Search History

    If you’re a VPN user, then you can simply clear your cookies and search history from your browser.

    The chance of recording online activities is left to ISPs.

    But, switching to the best VPN like SPL is enough to hide your search history.

    The browsing activities like clicked links, visited websites, search terms, etc. will be safe!

    What do you think about removing the search history?

    It’s not enough to save your data!

    You need an SPL VPN to ensure military-grade encryption.

    When you clear the search history, it only removes the file references from the directories.

    The fact is that your operating system will not simultaneously remove the data.

    It really moves the information to a special area on the hard drive.

    Start to use SPL VPN when you’re browsing. It will help you stay away from third parties who are only able to see your remote VPN IP address.

    Actually, this makes you disable them from identifying your location, valuable data, and ISPs.

    6) Encrypts Medical Diagnosis and Health Condition Info

    Private client portals are frequently operated by medical providers. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has established guidelines for the communication of Protected Health Information (PHI).

    This refers to the diagnosis, operations, and advice given by doctors to their patients and medical facilities.

    HIPPA demands healthcare facilities to kindly operate on private networks.

    The above-mentioned secured portals successfully encrypt your medical details from all outside parties.

    SPL VPN is the best choice to allow medical professionals and patients to access credential medical details untampered.

    It’s 100% safe with SPL VPN!

    7) Hides Travel Accommodation Info

    Your IP address is linked to the information you’re looking for on travel and airline websites.

    A cookie is likely to have locked in a price when you visit online travel booking websites numerous times to get a better amount.

    So, you’ve been trapped, right?

    A cookie is transmitted from a user’s computer to a website. It can access your previous travel searches, online profiles, and even your home address.

    An “event” can be triggered by any action, like an accidental click on a link.

    Marketers usually track website traffic and user behavior using analytics tracking technologies.

    Advertisers will bombard you with retargeting advertising in a short period of time.

    It’s easy!

    Learn more about Booking Cheaper Flights with a VPN

    But do you want to get out of these traps?

    Install SPL VPN!

    We block tracking technologies and let you search travel websites anonymously!

    No more advertisers!

    Make everything possible with SPL!

    8) Hides Torrenting and Makes You Safe

    Torrents (BitTorrents) are metadata files and folders. These are shared and downloaded across a network by users.

    This allows every user to simply watch movies, listen to music, and access other types of media.

    Torrenting isn’t illegal!

    Still, there’s a condition…

    Downloading copyrighted materials like movies or songs is completely a violation.

    If your ISP tracks you, then so does the government!

    If you try torrenting without a VPN, the government will either warn you or fine you heavily.

    Another risk is that malware attacks come from downloading unknown files.

    This virus can corrupt your files and infect your system.

    So, use SPL VPN to avoid online peers seeing your IP address.

    Stay away from hackers!

    9) Hides Streaming and Gaming Activities

    Streaming and gaming are infamous for consuming a lot of data.

    You felt it, right?

    Because data-intensive activities put a load on your ISP’s network, this is a nightmare for them.

    During heavy data-consuming activities, especially during peak hours, ISPs tend to limit bandwidth.

    However, SPL VPN offers unlimited bandwidth!

    No limits on your happiness.

    When you use a VPN to mask your streaming activities, you can enjoy countless streaming hours.

    Your ISP won’t be able to trace or see what you’re doing online once the VPN has hidden your IP address, and they won’t be able to throttle your bandwidth!

    That’s it!

    You can play online games with your pals whenever you want!

    And, it’s unlimited!

    Install SPL VPN to enjoy infinite happiness while playing games and streaming.

    10) Hides Online Activities to Save from Bandwidth Throttling

    An efficient VPN can hide your online activities to save you from bandwidth throttling.

    Many ISPs in the United States have been found to slow their customers’ internet connections when they were streaming videos.

    Worse was the situation!

    Some ISPs throttled different services like Netflix and YouTube more heavily than Amazon Prime.

    Internet providers profit from preferring some streaming services over others.

    It’s a business!

    Perfect business.

    Because a VPN masks your online behavior from your ISP, it can protect your internet connection from throttling, whether you’re streaming videos or downloading files.

    Choose SPL VPN from the Google Play Store.

    With a single click, you can activate the VPN!

    Enjoy safe browsing!

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