Tor vs VPN: What They Do and Which Is Better?

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Online privacy is a growing and serious concern in the digital world. Many people are suffering from a lot of tensions over their data, identity, and privacy.

Around 60% to 65% of people are concerned right now!

This situation led many of us to move to different methods of software, including alternative browsers, proxy sites, apps and private networks.

Choosing a reliable one is tough!

Here, we take a detailed tour through the most popular Tor Web browser and VPN.

What Are Tor and VPN?

Tor (The Onion Router) is a non-profit organization that focuses on researching and developing online privacy tools for the digital world.

The key difference between a VPN and Tor (The Onion Router) is in how they each operate. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) first establishes encrypted tunnels with secured servers, which then allows users to operate in an anonymous manner. In contrast,

The Tor Network is a decentralized network of volunteer relays and it isn’t as user-friendly or as fast when accessing popular web-based platforms because of its slower speeds. Lastly, all users must download an entire Tor client to establish a connection with the network unlike when using VPNs that don’t require users to download software beforehand.

You’re familiar with the Tor browser!

Anyone can download Tor browser for their mobile devices, Mac, Windows, and Linux!

People are using the Tor browser to protect privacy and online identity.

When you use this tool, every activity you do online goes through their network and gets encrypted.

Your online activities will be private with Tor!

Pros of Tor:

  • Tor browser helps users to bypass geographical restrictions

  • Highly encrypted technology provides full anonymity for Tor users, it makes Tor more secure than other web browsers.

  • Tor is completely free for users.

  • Onion sites can only access using Tor browsers

Cons of Tor:

  • Tor is not available for all Operating systems

  • Tor causes a slower browsing experience as the data may travel to different nodes

  • Exit nodes don’t encrypt Traffic

  • Mobile apps can not work with Tor browser, only encrypted browsing is provided

Meanwhile, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an efficient software with the ability to change your IP address and encrypt traffic.

It’s a secure tunnel between your internet and the device you’re using. A good VPN is able to protect your data and identity from censorship, interference, and snooping.

Consumers and companies are using VPNs to safeguard online activities and make them private.

Feel free to enjoy the best internet experience and stay away from outside interference by choosing a VPN.

With a VPN, you can change your location, protect your data and identity, increase security, and access any blocked content.

If privacy is an important thing in your digital life, then you should connect to the server of a good VPN before entering the internet.

Let the VPN app run in the background of your device to protect your browsing, gaming, streaming, chatting, etc.

Knowing that your privacy is protected is a big deal!

You need a VPN while you’re travelling, connecting to public WiFi, online shopping, file-sharing, gaming, etc.

How Does Tor Work?

The Tor browser can mask your online identity just by moving your internet traffic across its different servers.

Your internet traffic runs through other computer servers and encrypts the data. As a result of this, no one is able to watch your online activities.

As its name suggests, Tor has multiple layers of privacy, similar to an onion.

The number of Tor users who use these servers is parallel to the hiding of your traffic.

A maze of middle relays, end relays, and bridges creates these layers of protection.

Middle relays are routers that handle traffic in the middle of the path, and they can be built by anyone at home.

End relays are the last in the chain, and this is where your connection will appear to be coming from based on its IP address or numerical identity.

If any unlawful behavior is identified, the hosts of such are likely to be targeted by police and copyright holders.

Bridges are Tor routers that aren’t listed publicly and are protected by IP blockers. Even in nations where all publicly listed Tor relays are constantly blocked, it enables encryption.

Your internet traffic passes through the relay, which moves the original IP address as lost and replaces it by the end relay.

Although not everyone who uses Tor is required to run a relay, the software relies on a community of people who are ready to. The faster the browser works and the more secure it is, the more relays it has run.

How Does a VPN Function?

A VPN is a service that connects you to a network of servers situated all over the world.

Before reaching the Internet, your Internet request passes through one of the VPN servers.

Your IP address is modified as it passes via this alternative server.

This not only safeguards your online identity but also makes your device appear to be in a different location, allowing you to securely access the local network’s resources.

If you’re visiting Qatar and wish to make a WhatsApp call, you won’t be able to do so because the VoIP facilities are blocked by the Chinese government.

However, by connecting your device to an Internet server in a country where WhatsApp calling is permitted, you will be able to enjoy VoIP in Qatar.

With a VPN, you can enjoy fast speed, full internet access, the option of choosing an IP address, and get all traffic encrypted.

Choosing a good and reliable VPN is up to you. SPL VPN is one of the best VPN apps for Android users.

It’s easy to use!

A matter of a single click!

SPL VPN is free and unlimited, with 1000+ servers around the world. It offers unlimited bandwidth.

The app requires no signup and offers a no-log policy. So, we are not storing and recording your details. No sharing with third parties.

Install the SPL VPN app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app!

One tap to connect to the server location you wish to connect to.

Within seconds, you’ll be connected and secured with full protection from digital crimes.

Is Tor Really Safe?

We cannot completely state that Tor is safe!

It has its own demerits!

Someone could easily find Tor users and their texts by operating both guard nodes and exit nodes.

There’s a chance of being intercepted by an organization that operates a huge number of Tor servers.

The NSA (National Security Agency) has a desire to completely monitor the Tor network and has the resources to do so.

Its different layers of encryption are not a good thing if you want to enjoy a fast connection speed.

It slows down your internet connection speed.

The exit nodes of Tor have a tendency to intercept your text content.

One of the demerits of Tor is its unavailability for all operating systems.

You’ll face the result of its transparency and weak accountability.

To get an IP address from a country, you’ll have to configure or reconnect your connection several times until you find a node.

Think twice before choosing!

Is Using Tor Illegal?

The aim of anonymous browsing and communication will be satisfied with the Tor browser, and it is legal to use in most countries.

You don’t have to worry about it!

No trouble!

You shouldn’t be involved in criminal activities. Use the Tor browser freely and securely!

Some suppressive governments, like China, are not supporting their people’s use of Tor in the country.

You’re restricted!

You have a limit on freedom of speech.

Their unlucky citizens and other visitors to the country are required to use VPN or Tor to communicate without restrictions.

Is a VPN Safe and Legal?

Using a VPN is legal in every country, but committing illegal activities, including criminal acts or visiting strictly banned sites, is illegal anywhere in the world.

Choosing a good VPN is essential to staying safe online. SPL VPN won’t dissatisfy you!

Install the app now!

The accountability provided by a reputed VPN makes it easy to tell who owns the specific server.

A VPN is a very easy-to-use and user-friendly application. It ensures your data gets protection with military-grade encryption and provides a new IP address.

Your real IP address will be hidden with the running VPN in the background of your device.

The simpler routine scheme makes a VPN much faster than Tor.

SPL offers premium features, including server auto-detection and implies WireGuard protocol to ensure 100% security.

You have the option to choose the server location.

SPL VPN is an absolutely free and unlimited service with a no-log policy and no signup. So, no doubt, you’re safe using a VPN. The only requirement is to choose a reliable one!

Is It Possible to Use Tor and a VPN Simultaneously?

There’s no problem using Tor and WhatsApp simultaneously!

Access the network of Tor by connecting to a VPN server beforehand.

It’s the first method!

Here, the Tor entry node operator is not able to see your IP address. Your ISP is unaware of your Tor usage.

It lets you bypass all the restrictions of limited access to the Tor network.

This is a good method, but we should say that it does not ensure your protection from malicious exit nodes.

When it reaches them, your internet traffic will be unencrypted.

If you go Tor->VPN, your internet traffic will be encrypted as it enters and exits the Tor network.

You must use a VPN service that is well-suited to this type of connection.

Your ISP can see that you are using Tor, even though the VPN encryption shields you from all malicious exit nodes.

You lose some anonymity!

That’s bad and unlucky!

Anyway, both ways will slow down your internet connection even more than Tor does.

Tor vs VPN: Which Is Better to Use?

Both Tor and VPN are two different tools with different aims in the digital world.

You can choose one from the multiple VPN providers, but Tor is the one and only network that exists.

Choose a reliable Android VPN like SPL to ensure your safety online. When you connect to the SPL VPN, your traffic gets encapsulated in an encrypted tunnel. Meanwhile, Tor has multiple layers of independent nodes.

When we compare VPN and Tor, the differences outnumber the similarities.

A VPN offers transparency in service and confirms your privacy protection.

But Tor provides less accountability and is a potential target of many security agencies.

We recommend a good Android VPN like SPL. It has premium features to make your internet experience extra good.

SPL VPN shows more transparency and a military-grade encryption mechanism.

The best and most powerful VPN will not slow down your connection. Experience the fast network with unlimited bandwidth from SPL VPN.

Of course, a VPN can protect your internet traffic with more transparency than Tor.

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